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Easy linking, Easy administration

Quick and easy linking
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The Benefits that your affiliate link code generator will bring

Designed to work with any of our affiliate program packages.

Link Code Generator is a useful program to be used in conjunction with AllAffiliatePro, BannerClick or AffiliateClick. It replaces the old style "How to Link" page with a system that generates the correct linking code HTML for banners or text links the affiliate selects. Thus ensuring affiliates are linking correctly. The administration area allows you to upload new banners, and add new text links to the system. The template based system means you only need to edit HTML for the link page display once. The system generates the linking page with up to date banners and text links each time an affiliate visits.

Our new 'Easy Install' © system makes installing cgi scripts easier than ever before. Variable configuration is now done through a user friendly HTML form interface and default settings on your server are also detected. If perl is installed in it's default location, no text editing is needed. Each scripts perl path is written by the install system so you don't need to edit each cgi file. The 'Easy Install' system also Chmod's each cgi file, chmod being a newbie soar point. Our site also contains a guide to FTP and Chmod in the Tech Support area.

If you have any questions about the LinkCodeGenerator then please send us an e-mail.

There is an example of the LinkCodeGenerator in the AllAffiliatePro example pages. You need to login to the member statistics example, and select "Get Banners".

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