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Easy linking, Easy administration

Quick and easy linking
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Current Working Platforms:

Windows NT
Windows 2000

Explaination:- This is the operating system of your Web Hosting provider, NOT the operating system you are running on your desktop. This product works on all the main platforms, it is very likely that you will have a compatable server.

Software Requirements:

Perl version 5

Explaination:- This is the programming language that this program is made in, and the program which is needed to run it. Almost 100% of Web Hosting providers have Perl version 5 already installed as standard, so it is very likely that your Host has it installed. If you have any doubts then click to check with your Web Hosting provider, or review their documentation.

Program Features include:

Banner upload system.
Banners can include underlying text.
Text links option.

Easy administration.
Linking HTML code generation.
Easy install system.

Script customization is available.

Explaination:- This is a list of only some of the features of this product, new features are being added all the time, and we encurage our customers to help suggest the features they want to see. If all this isn't making much sense to you then rest assured that this product has all the features you could need, and then some.

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