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We currently offer three unique affiliate program solutions. Each package is targeted towards a specific style of affiliate program, be that click thru based, commission based, etc. With detailed statistics and functions we are confident that you will find the software to suite your needs.

The sooner you offer an affiliate program on your site, the sooner your affiliate program will start growing. The bigger it grows, the more traffic you get. This is no short term increase, your affiliate program will keep on sending your site more and more targeted traffic, generating you more and more sales.

The tables below have been designed to help you choose which affiliate program would most suit your needs. For more detailed information, including examples, click on the program logos or links.

For the creation of all types of affiliate program and even private affiliate networks. By far our most popular and advanced product. It now has it's own dedicated website with an ever growing list of satisfied customers. Start an advanced affiliate program for your site, or have a private affiliate network for all your sites. Recently renamed to CosmicAffiliate.
For the creation of a commission or flat rate based affiliate program. You pay affiliate members a commission or flat rate on sales from each visitor they send you. No bells or whistles, but it works, and it's free!
For the creation of a unique click-thru based affiliate program. You pay affiliate members a set rate for each unique visitor they send to your site. Including versatile stats including referrer statistics. Used to start a pay per click affiliate program.

The table below displays the basic areas that are covered by each program. This should help define which program will suit all your needs.

AllAffiliatePro tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
AffiliateClick tick
BannerClick tick tick tick

Legend:- CT = Click Thru tracking
ST = Sales tracking
RT = Referrer tracking*
DS = Detailed statistics
MLM = Multi Level Marketing**
CIP = Cookie and/or IP order tracking
IP = Individual payment options (see AllAffiliatePro for details)
NET = Private affiliate network capability.

* Referrer stats have been one of our most complimented statistics. When a banner (or link) is clicked the page url is recorded. A list of referring pages can then be displayed with how many click's each page is generating. This allows your affiliate members to see exactly which pages are generating the most click thru's. You can also check referring urls from the management area, allowing you to keep an eye on how your affiliates are linking.

** Multi Level Marketing was introduced with version 3 of AllAffiliatePro. Adding a second tier to affiliate commissions so your affiliate program promotes itself as well as your site. The latest verion 4.5 can support up to 12 tiers and beyond, making it the deepest MLM affiliate software available.

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