The Benefits that your PPC Affiliate Program will bring

  • No more hunting for traffic
  • Traffic increases 100%+
  • Other people generate YOUR traffic for YOU
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great Results in no time
  • The secret to high, quality traffic!

BannerClick (now in version 2) allows simple creation of a click-thru affiliate program. A click-thru affiliate program, also known as a pay per click affiliate program is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site, increasing sales and quality of traffic.

You pay for unique click throughs in the same way you do with pay per click search engines, or google adwords. So if you are advertising on google and overture spending 20 cents a click, why aren't you running a PPC affiliate program offering 20 cents a click? With no unnessesary restrictions on affiliate linking methods PPC affiliate traffic is the same or more often higher quality than that of a PPC search engine. With gateway features, and affiliate blocking to increase the quality of traffic even further.

This fully configurable program contains 7 easy to setup scripts, which work together to give you the best click-thru program results.

Now includes an additional affiliate link code generation program! Making it even easier for you and your affiliates to keep banners up to date and linked correctly. Click here for more information on the link code generation program.

If you haven't a clue on how to install cgi software, or simply haven't the time then we will setup the software for you.

If you have any questions about BannerClick then look through the example pages and features list below. If you have any further questions then please e-mail them to us here.

Customer Comments
" BannerClick is by far one of the best affiliate software programs available on the market today. The technical support is outstanding, with complete solutions to problems within 24 hours. "
    -- Ethan Reynard, AdIntricate

Notice! Due to increased popularity of AllAffiliatePro BannerClick has been taken off the market.

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Software Setup

If you're new to CGI scripts, or simply dont have the time then we at CGI Scripts will upload and setup our scripts on your server for you.

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