The Benefits that your CosmicContacts will bring

  • No losing track of valuable customers
  • Reply to customers from any machine anywhere
  • Customers can monitor their inquiry status
  • Editable database of your customers inquiries
  • LiveHelp addon
  • Designated departments and agents
  • Stored details on each inquiry

Once you use CosmicContacts v2.5 (formerly Inquiry Handler) you'll find out how beneficial this product really is. We use CosmicContacts on this site so that we never lose track of our customers and our customers can update their inquiry at any time. It also allows for live customer support, and for us to have a set of contactable departments and designate staff members access to specific departments.

CosmicContacts is a system designed to handle the customer inquiries your website receives. Information such as date message received and last updated, message priority, staff comments, and more, are tracked on each message you receive. You can set important messages to Priority status, other messages to Open status and old messages to Closed. You can choose what message information is to be displayed to your clients when they check their inquiry status. Our experience withCosmicContacts shows that customers like being able to check up on their inquiry, and that a customer does not pester you with multiple emails. You can also see whether a contact has viewed your last update or not.

Cosmic Synergy - software products are compatible with each other to the extent that their services can integrate directly together. This creates a much more powerful marketing and revenue building system for your website.

CosmicContacts also features quick integration with CosmicAffiliate (formerly AllAffiliatePro) and CosmicEmailer. So you can offer affiliates different commissions on contacts to different departments. You can also have emails from new contacts automatically added to your mailling list.

Our new 'Easy Install' © system makes installing cgi scripts easier than ever before. Variable configuration is now done through a user friendly HTML form interface and default settings on your server are also detected. If perl is installed in it's default location, no text editing is needed. Each scripts perl path is written by the install system so you don't need to edit each cgi file. The 'Easy Install' system also Chmod's each cgi file, chmod being a newbie soar point. Our site also contains a guide to FTP and Chmod in the Tech Support area.

If you haven't a clue on how to install cgi software, or simply haven't the time then we will setup the software for you.

If you have any questions aboutCosmicContacts then look through the example pages and features list below. If you have any further questions then please e-mail us.

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Software Setup

If you're new to CGI scripts, or simply dont have the time then we at CGI Scripts will upload and setup our scripts on your server for you.

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