The Benefits that your own AllAffiliatePro advanced affiliate program would bring

  • A traffic source that just keeps on growing
  • Performance paid advertising
  • Increased link popularity
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • A way to track e-marketing compaigns
  • Other people generate YOUR traffic for YOU
  • Easy to maintain
  • A single affiliate program for all your sites

AllAffiliatePro has become one of the industry leading affiliate software solutions. Allowing sites big and small to start their own affiliate program and benefit from affiliate marketing. Now one of the first to offer private affiliate network capability, where you can run an affiliate program for all of your web sites from your own private network. Stopping the need for an individual affiliate program for each web site owned.

AllAffiliatePro has become so popular that we have launch a new web site devoted solely to it. All information on AllAffiliatePro can now be found there, including a free prize draw and a free trial.

Follow this link for the new AllAffiliatePro site

AllAffiliatePro allows simple creation of a commission and/or clickthru based affiliate program. An affiliate program is the best way to get targeted traffic to your site, increasing sales and quality of traffic. If your on a low budget, with a commission based program you can't lose. You only pay them when they earn you sales. An affiliate program is a long term investment, one that grows in interest as it grows in size sending you more, and more, quality targeted traffic. Some webmasters only go for click-thru programs, and others for commission. With AllAffiliatePro you can satisfy either or both!

Version 4.5 brings a whole new dimention to your affiliate programs traffic building ability, multi level marketing. AllAffiliatePro now includes up to 12 tiers of affiliate commissions. So affiliates can earn commission on sales generated by affiliates they refer to your program. Activating multiple tiers encourages your current affiliates to promote your affiliate program as well as your site. Bringing you more affiliates, which leads to more traffic, which leads to more sales, and even more profits. Version 4.5 also includes improved security, faster code, a new database format, easy to use interface, e-mail linking, cookie and/or ip tracking, scaled commissions, recurring commissions, bonuses, individual commission rates, deep page linking, extra linking options, true personal branding, true multi site, accuracy statistics and more. The list goes on.

This fully configurable program is designed to give you the best affiliate program results. Advanced statistics, features, and functionality.

Our 'Easy Install' © system makes installing cgi scripts easier than ever before. Now even a novice to CGI software can install website software without any problems. Variable configuration is done through a user friendly HTML form interface and default settings on your server are also detected. Each scripts perl path is written by the install system so you don't need to edit each cgi file. The 'Easy Install' system also Chmod's each cgi file, chmod being a newbie sore point. Our site also contains a guide to FTP and Chmod in the Tech Support area.

If you haven't a clue on how to install cgi software, or simply haven't the time then we will setup the software for you.

If you have any questions about AllAffiliatePro then please visit the new site which contains all the information you could need.

CLICK HERE for the new AllAffiliatePro site

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